Hearty Social is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you choose social media icons from Font Awesome and link each one to your social media accounts.

Hearty Social Documentation

Once installed, find the settings for the plugin inside SETTINGS Hearty Social:


Global Settings

With our Multiple Settings Instances feature, you can choose a different set of settings each time you use a widget or a shortcode.
There are 7 preset Settings Instances to choose from:

  1. Modify Settings for – Choose the settings instance you would like to modify.
  2. Number of Content Items for Each Instance – Choose the number of content items for each settings instance. After changing this value, the new content items will be available for editing after you will save your changes!


Basic Settings

Each Setting Instance has a Basic Settings tab, which controls the common elements for all the Content Items. The Basic Settings tab and the Content Items tabs change color for each Settings Instance.


Content Items

The Content Items control the individual content elements of the plugin such as text, images or colors. Each Content Item can be customized separately and the number of Content Items can be set by using the Global Settings.

A useful resource for the colors of the icons is Brand Colors, so copy and paste the color code provided by this resource inside the icon color and icon background color fields.